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Do you feel pain or aches when you are trying to avoid your favorite foods and drinks? If so, you could be experiencing sensitive teeth. Hot and cold foods can trigger a sensitive spark in your teeth and can at times be painful. Usually, a sensitive tooth is a warning sign something is wrong with your oral health and needs to be addressed.

Our dentist, Dr. David Edlund, can help you with your sensitive teeth. That is why our team at Hampden Dental Care in Lakewood, Colorado, is excited to share some ideas of what could be causing your problem.

Here is a list of common causes of sensitive teeth:

– Cavities can cause your teeth to feel painful when neglected.

– Too much teeth-whitening exposure can harm your tooth enamel and increase sensitivity.

– A cracked tooth can be hard to see with the naked eye but will cause severe pain that needs to be treated before the bacteria causes cavities, or you fracture your tooth permanently.

– Worn tooth enamel can happen if your toothbrush is too abrasive wearing down your tooth enamel.

– The natural progression of time can also cause your tooth enamel to wear down causing sensitivity, which is why visiting your dentist regularly is essential to keep your oral health in excellent shape.

If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, please call us today so we can help you! Your oral health is important, and a sensitive tooth could be a warning sign that needs to be checked. If you are ready for an appointment, please call us at 303-586-4034. We are happy to help you.