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Stress can destroy your smile, often in more ways than one. Deep stress and anxiety have been known to not only throw off sleep patterns but also affect your diet and your daily health care habits. All of these missteps in your self-care can even affect your smile. Oftentimes, stress can create a condition known as bruxism, or teeth grinding. If left untreated, bruxism can wear down your teeth and cause eventual tooth enamel failure or worse.

Bruxism is most effectively found or noticed by others, including sleep partners or roommates, who can easily notice and detect any loud teeth grinding noises that you may be producing as you sleep. Another common early warning sign of bruxism is with the teeth themselves, as they can seem flat or worn, or even show signs of chipping and cracking that may be otherwise unexplainable.

Another common warning sign of bruxism is an enhanced sensitivity with your teeth, which is often strongest when you arise in the morning. You may also find an increase in jaw pain or soreness. Damaged cheek tissue, a locked jaw, and pain much like earaches are also common symptoms. Bruxism is typically linked to TMJ disorders and sleep apnea.

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