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The production of saliva in your mouth is crucial to providing protection for your teeth and gums so that they don’t come to harm. In fact, one of the main roles of saliva is to wash the teeth to clean away excess food or bacteria particles that are introduced to the mouth when you eat. Saliva also helps protect you from dry mouth, which contributes to more plaque and tooth decay, as well as bad breath. We offer some tips on recognizing and treating dry mouth to reduce its effects.

There are several lifestyle factors that can become causes of dry mouth, such as taking prescription medications that decrease your saliva flow and dry out your mouth, having a habit of smoking and drinking water infrequently.

We want to help you recognize the presence of chronic dry mouth in your life so that you can receive the treatment you need. If you have an ongoing condition, you can experience sensations such as:


– Frequent thirst

– Dry lips

– Mouth sores

– A dry throat

– Difficulty swallowing

– A red tongue

– Persistent bad breath


The occurrence of these symptoms in your smile are an indication that you should receive a dental exam from the dentist. Some potential treatments for dry mouth include lifestyle changes, such as addressing dehydration by increasing your water intake and taking an artificial saliva that wets your mouth. You are also welcome to consult with our dentist and your doctor about medications that result in dry mouth and whether your prescription can be altered.   

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