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Knowing dry mouth symptoms is one of the most important things that you can do for your dental health. Well-rounded knowledge of and care for dry mouth can go far, so please read over this post and do everything in your power to remember this information.

If you believe you’re experiencing the effects of dry mouth, there are some things you should do to prep for your appointment. Firstly, watch out for the feelings you’ve been experiencing and when you’re feeling them, and be ready to tell Dr. David Edlund about them when they ask you how you’ve been feeling. Secondly, write down a list of all the medicines you’re presently taking and the times you’ve undergone radiation procedures. These two things will be a huge support during your visit.

If you have any of the following risk factors for dry mouth, please tell us about it. Dry mouth is most common in adults more than 55 years old; more than 40% of this age group hurt from xerostomia symptoms. Additionally, women are more vulnerable than men. If you or anyone in your family suffers from diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome or Parkinson’s disease, you are perhaps at an advanced risk for forming xerostomia. You will also be more vulnerable if you consume alcohol.

If you are anxious about dry mouth, we advise that you call Dr. David Edlund‘s office at 303-586-4034 now. Dr. David Edlund and the staff of Hampden Dental Care make it their ultimate priority that you stay healthy, so they do everything in their capability to support their patients. Please schedule your next visit with their Lakewood, Colorado, office now to get on the path to stronger dental health.