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David A. Edlund, DMD

Dr. Edlund graduated a President’s Scholar in 1978 from Southern Illinois University with bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in physics and math. He matriculated to SIU-Edwardsville to complete his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1982. That same year, he moved to Colorado to start his practice.

His passion for dentistry is evident in that his office offers state-of-the-art dental care, utilizing 3D digital imaging, digital 2D radiography, Nd-YAG laser periodontal therapy and Zeiss microscopy, as well as CAD-CAM dentistry. Dr. Edlund was the first Denver area dentist to complete LASER certification (2005) using the patented LANAP procedure for treating gum disease. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implants and a graduate of the Misch International Institute of Implants.

Dr. Edlund is the program director and instructor for Dental Careers of Colorado LLC, an educational entity focused on providing students the latest in dental technology. He also works for Planmeca Corporation and Henry Schein Corp as a consultant in the area of 3D digital radiography, teaching other doctors how to implement this technology into their practice.

Dr. David Edlund was invited to join the acclaimed MIT imaging lab in August 2015. He is part of a six-member team focusing on developing new, high-speed imaging systems. Dr. Edlund has completed a number of post-graduate courses at MIT, including “Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking,” “Additive Manufacturing,” “Advances In Imaging”, “High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis”, “The Invention Process” and “Computational Photography.”

Dr Edlund co-invented an apparatus for the illumination and transillumination of oral structures using infrared light. This device was tested in his office with two MIT researchers. It does not use harmful radiation, only light energy.

Dr. Edlund was also instrumental in helping Formlabs develop and test the Dental SG resin used to fabricate dental surgical guides. He worked with Formlabs testing the Dental SG resin using the latest stereolithographic 3D printer (Form2). He is currently working part-time as a Clinical Collaborator and researcher for MIT. His current research interests are in the area of high-speed imaging using non-ionizing radiation and utilizing 3D Stereolithographic Printed devices for guided surgery.


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Dr. Edlund speaking at a lecture in Vail



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