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If you are struggling with missing teeth, our team is happy to provide partial dentures to restore your smile! Partial dentures can be an excellent option for patients who are missing multiple teeth in a row and wish to fill the gaps in their smile with a dental appliance that is functional and removable. By receiving a partial denture, you can achieve the smile you want and have the freedom of a removable dental appliance.

The design of a partial denture is artificial teeth that are set in a gum-like base, and the appliance is inserted into the gap in your mouth and clasped to the neighboring teeth on each side. When you receive a partial denture, you can expect these conditions:

– Partial dentures may feel bulky and awkward for a short while, which is completely normal and will disappear as your mouth adjusts.

– You may need to practice inserting and removing the appliance, as some patients struggle with the technique at first.

– Our dentist will provide specific instructions on how to care for partial dentures, and it’s important that you adhere to the instructions and avoid biting down on the denture while inserting it into your mouth. We will inform you in how long you need to wear your partial denture day and night.

– Eating with the denture can take some practice, and you may find that taking small bites of soft foods will help you become familiar with appliance so that you can eat larger solid foods with confidence.

– It’s normal to have some trouble speaking at first, and you may need some practice. Try reading out loud and repeating words that are hard to pronounce to help your tongue adjust to the appliance.

We invite you to contact Hampden Dental Care at 303-586-4034 today if you have any questions about receiving a custom-made partial denture in Lakewood, Colorado, and would like to speak with Dr. David Edlund.