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Gum disease is an all too common problem afflicting the periodontal health of millions of Americans every year. If you fail to brush your teeth each morning and night, or you don’t always floss your teeth each day residual food particles, a sugar residue, and plaque can build up in your mouth.

In a relatively short amount of time, these bacterial deposits can harden into calculus. The presence of this bacterial material near the gumline can contribute to the periodontal inflammation condition of gingivitis.

Initial symptoms that a problem like this has started to develop could include gums to appear inflamed and bleed easily when performing your daily oral hygiene routine. Many gingivitis sufferers also struggle with chronic bad breath.

Your dental checkups at Dr. David Edlund‘s dental office, is designed to remove calculus and other bacterial deposits from your mouth. This can help to remediate gingivitis inflammation before it has a chance to worsen into the severe gum infection of periodontitis.

If you make it a habit to skip your dental checkups, untreated periodontitis could weaken the roots of your teeth leading to the potential loss of multiple teeth. Without professional treatment, this condition can eventually lead to tooth loss and medical complications.

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