Cold Sore Season is Here

Cold sores, also referred to as fever blisters, occur most often when immune systems’ strengths are weakened by fevers or colds. These liquid-filled blisters erupt on the face, most often near the nose, lips, and chin, and they can cause painful flu-like symptoms. Once you’ve been infected with the herpes... Read more »

Tooth Extraction Facts

If you have a tooth that has been damaged by decay or by a trauma, your dentist may be able to save it with a filling, crown, or a root canal. However, if the damage is too severe, the dentist may have to extract the tooth. There are other reasons... Read more »

Laser Dentistry: The Future is Now

Laser dentistry is as cool as it sounds. With laser dentistry, Dr. David Edlund can do dental treatments and operations with a precision impossible through any other way. By applying this focus to a lone area of your mouth, the dentist can treat a certain area without hurting any others.... Read more »

Your Bi-Annual Dental Check Up Can Include Preventative Measures

The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental checkup performed by a dentist like Dr. David Edlund every six months. This simple outpatient appointment is designed to clean away dangerous tartar from your teeth and gumline, while also monitoring the overall health of your mouth. If Dr. David Edlund... Read more »

Treating a Large Cavity Might Call for the Use of a Dental Crown

Cavities often start out as a small area of compromised tooth enamel. If you procrastinate professional dental care, or the tooth has already been affected by a previous filling, there might not be enough healthy tooth enamel remaining for Dr. David Edlund to apply a dental filling. To effectively treat... Read more »

Oral Hygiene: The Best Cleaning Tools for Your Teeth and Gums

Fortunately, there are many things in the world that can help your smile maintain its strength and health, and the proper oral hygiene tools are some of them. If you use the proper tools to clean your smile, there is a chance you can maintain the oral health you deserve... Read more »

4 Ways to Brush Up Your Brushing Habits

We all know that brushing and flossing are fundamental oral health habits. But sometimes, we let the familiarity cause us to slip into some bad routines, despite our best intentions. Luckily, it’s never too late to brush up on your brushing habits! Speed Demon: One of the most common habits... Read more »

Can Fluoride Make Your Smile Stronger Than Ever Before?

Can fluoride make your smile stronger than ever before? Although the benefits of fluoride are wide-ranging, there is evidence to suggest that fluoride can protect your teeth from the dangers that lurk within your mouth. With fluoride supplementation, your teeth stand a better chance at fighting back against tooth decay.... Read more »

Treating Toothaches

If a toothache comes, you know you are in for a long day or night. Understanding how to treat your toothache could take the pain away and help you get back to your life. Here at Hampden Dental Care in Lakewood, Colorado, our team is devoted to helping you overcome... Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health Care with the Assistance of Sedation Dentistry

Improve your oral health care with the assistance of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is used to apply mild sedatives to a patient to help them relax and can range from a wide variety of treatments from a calming, relaxed feel all the way down to a deep sleep. Listed below... Read more »