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Over the past twenty years, the dental industry has seen great improvements when it comes to the application of dental implants. When they first came onto the market, dental implants were primarily used only to replace only one tooth at a time. Now your dentist, Dr. David Edlund, can replace several at a time by anchoring a dental bridge into place.

People with dental bridges are advised to clean them as they would their natural teeth. Even though the bridge and the titanium abutments that anchor it are not subject to decay, they do require regular brushing and flossing to clean off food particles and plaque build-up. This is important because otherwise, hard tartar can develop on the gum line which can lead to gum diseases. If a gum disease such as periodontitis develops, it can cause the abutments holding the bridge to loosen.

People who have difficulty or issues with cleaning plaque and food particles on their dental bridges are advised to use things such as a dental threader, water pick, or interdental brushes. It’s also good to schedule regular dental appointments so that Dr. David Edlund can clean off any tartar that may have developed. During your visit, he will also monitor your implants and the health of your gums.

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