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The American Association of Endodontists notes that athletic injuries that result in a hard blow to the mouth can easily contribute to chipped tooth enamel and dental fractures. More severe cases can cause significant pain, could cause a tooth to be knocked out, or the total loss of a traumatized tooth.

To answer this important concern many schools, sports clubs, and athletic associations require the use of a mouth guard during all necessary time. This is especially prevalent in contact sports, where the risk of oral trauma is much higher than average.

Yet some athletes complain that the stock mouth guards and thermoplastic mouth guards sold in stores can be uncomfortable. Some of these mouth guards also make it difficult to breathe during full exertion. This might prompt you to remove the mouth guard at unfortunate times.

In a situation like this, you might want to consult with Dr. David Edlund and his associates to learn more about custom mouth guards. This is a special mouthpiece created to match the unique characteristics of your teeth and the curvature of your dentition.

The custom fit and high-quality materials used to create and custom mouthguard allow for greater passage of air. This will also help you breathe during the most rigorous aspects of athletics.

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