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A dental crown is one of the most common dental restorations. Around the country, dentists place millions of dental crowns every year, this includes dentists in Lakewood. While no one looks forward to dental work, a dental crown does save the tooth. It’s a cap that sit atop the tooth the protect the inner tissue of the tooth.

There may come a time when you’ll need a dental crown. We dentists place dental crowns for teeth that have large cavities or teeth that have had root canals. Before dental crowns, dentists pulled teeth with large cavities or abscessed teeth. A traditional crown placement looks like this: Your dentist prepares the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, they’ll take an impression. You’ll then wear a temporary crown while your permanent crown in being fabricated. Then, on your final visit, your dentist will place the permanent crown. This is how most dental offices place dental crowns.

At Hampden Dental Care, we have revamped the way we restore teeth and place dental crowns. We use new technology to place crowns in one day! We’ve even found a way to get rid of those goopy impressions. The technology is called CEREC same-day crowns, and it includes CAD/CAM digital technology and a special milling machine. You can even sit in the dental chair and watch the crown being made. Hearing about new dental treatments can be overwhelming, so here are 5 of the BIGGEST advantages you need to know about same-day crowns.

Just one visit for Dental Crowns. Most dental crown procedures are completed over the course of two or three dental visits. CEREC reduces this all to one visit. Altogether, you’ll be in the dental office for about 90 minutes. We prepare the tooth and then fabrication the crown from a chunk of high-strength ceramic material right in the office. This eliminates the need for multiple dental visits. That means you don’t have to spend more time away from work or your family.
No Need for Temporary Crowns. By placing a permanent crown, we get rid of temporary crowns altogether. If you’ve had a dental crown before, you know that the temporary crown is one of the worst parts. It’s typically made from acrylic material, and it’s smaller than your permanent restoration. A temporary crown doesn’t look natural and is less secure than a permanent restoration. In some cases, the temporary crown can dislodge. Having been a dentist for several decades, I can tell you that patients don’t want to deal with this hassle. Having a tooth fly out of your mouth can be downright terrifying. You can avoid a temporary crown entirely with CEREC.

No More Goopy Impressions. CEREC technology uses a digital impression instead of goopy impressions. Once the digital impressions are rendered, the information is sent to a computer so we can design your natural-looking and durable crown. Some patients have an aversion to goopy impressions — the impression material can trigger a gag reflex. But most, people don’t want these materials in their mouths, and I can’t blame them.
Better fitting crowns. With the CAD/CAM technology, we can design a crown that fits perfectly. It’s all about the impression. The digital impression is extremely accurate, and the margin for error is small. This is great for you because it leads to better fitting crowns. Better fitting crowns allow you to look great and maintain better oral health.

Better looking crowns.CEREC technology comes with a shade chart that helps us match the natural color of your teeth. It’s our job to make sure your crown blends in with your smile perfectly. That way when you smile or speak, you don’t have to feel self-conscious. When you have a great crown — like the ones made by CEREC — no one can tell the difference between the crown and your natural tooth.

Our Lakewood dental office is one of the few in the area to provide same-day dental crowns. These crowns are durable and can enhance your smile. Call our dental team today at 303-647-1907 to book a consultation.